Monday, 9 December 2013 Advertiser Review Advertiser Review is the latest in CPC contextual advertising. the only one that lets advertisers pay per click, as low as only $0.01. It’s perfect for reaching any and all ages of audiences and paying only what you want or can afford. is a CPC contextual advertising network.

You pay only when the text ads or graphical banner ads are clicked. is so easy to use, you can be online almost immediately. You create your first ad and submit it with the Advertiser sign up form. What you spend is totally under your own control.

Your budget is your own creation. You set how much you want to spend on a daily basis and what you want to pay per click. does not require any time commitment either. There is no long or short term contract or specific time requirement. just asks that you fund your account with a minimum of $10, but then you decide how long that deposit lasts. Your ads will start appearing on the same day, on a page that the system matches up with related content. It is all very fast and efficient.

If your ads are up but not getting impressions, there are a few things to check: First you need to make sure you either listed a current or future date or no date for your campaign. And second, you need to make sure your minimum CPC bid is equal to or higher than other advertisers. advertising will show you a recommended CPC, then you can use that or higher. The higher you go, the more frequently your ads will appear To ensure you get clicks in addition to impressions, make sure your ads address the right crowd and are easy to read.

You can also add images as well that will really make your ads stand out. To maximize your campaign, you can insert your affiliate links too. You can even just promote affiliate links without having your own site. is a great place to promote things like Clickbank, Commission Junction or other similar affiliates. The affiliates can be any related content. wants to protect your account too. They use a high tech system that monitors clicks to make sure they are real and unique and not artificially generated.

It filters out invalid or fraudulent checks and its also monitored by real people so it’s dual protection. If you have any questions or comments at any time, the people behind can be reached through their Contact Us page and they will get back to you as quickly as they can ascertain the right answers to your questions or issues. is the best way to reach a wide audience base while staying within your budget and getting a high quality, secure service

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